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We work closely with businesses to uncover the optimisation roadmaps they need to achieve unprecedented results.


Our teams work together to deliver quantifiable, repeatable results time and time again, with no compromises!

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Lyra Media Limited works hand-in-hand with our diverse roster of clients to drive performance and success through our experience and insight. With our team of caring, knowledgeable professionals guiding businesses forward, we assure top-notch performance and results. With an established track record of delivering successful outcomes, Lyra Media Limited has proven itself to be a responsible and reliable partner for companies across industries and markets. This reputation continues to define us, giving more and more clients the confidence of knowing that they’re turning to a service provider that they can count on for all of the assistance and guidance they need.

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Our company can be located at: Hamchako, Mutsamudu, Autonomous Island of Anjouan, Union of Comoros. Our business registration number is C21805.